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Selected Comments on Laws and Regulations

On 2021 Versions of For the People Act, HR1 and S.1 and manager's amendment

...from members of the State Audit Working Group:

2021-02-26 on HR1 in the House

2021-03-21 on S.1 on many aspects of S.1 in the Senate, similar to above, with page numbers updated to match senate version

2021-04-19 internet voting, drop boxes and signature verification

2021-04-19 adding expertise to Election Assistance Commission Board of Advisors

2021-04-25 overseas voting, deadline for testing components, accessible voting, definition of "casting" a ballot

2021-07-21 on election content which can be put in the Budget Reconciliation bill

...from Scrutineers and National Voting Rights Task Force:

2021-03-29 Cover Letter

2021-03-29 Detail

2021-08-19 On Audits in Budget Reconciliation Package

2021 Freedom to Vote Act and summary

Article on negotiations in Congress

On California risk-limiting audits (RLA), 2021:

2021 rules by state, for comment: July, or August, or Sept compared to July, or Sept compared to baseline, And reasons given in July and Sept.

Aug 5-6 comments from VoteWell and Citizens' Oversight Projects and Branscomb and Orange County and Stark and Verified Voting

August 15-16 comments from VoteWell and  Citizens' Oversight Projects and Branscomb and Stark and Verified Voting

Asking for RLA of 9/14/21 recall election, letters Sept 2-3, 2021 from NVRTF and experts; Sept 10 from Citizens' Oversight+NVRTF

Comments on September version Oct 11 from 18 people and Sept. 4 from Korb

Final adopted version

On California vote counting rules: 2022-01-24 comments from 8 people

On NIST’s 2021 draft of “Promoting Access to Voting,” with 2022 final

Comments, include comments from:

SAWG including taking BMD to homes, better OCR readers, privacy screens, flash cards for deaf voters, alternatives to signatures, and checking by voters of: BMDs, internet & remade ballots

Disability groups: NDRN, NFB, ACB, PVA, Harkin, NCIL

AAPD including guardianship, hotline follow-up, opposing universal design, harm to minority neighborhoods from closing sites for lack of accessibility

Individuals: deaf-blind, deaf, deaf, odor allergies

Advocates in AL, DE, FL, MA, MO, MT, NC, NH, NJ, NY, TX, UT

Other: NASED, VV, ACM, ACLU, Microsoft, Cranston, Appel

NIST response

See also DOJ on web & other access

On Election Assistance Commission's draft surveys of election offices, 2022

2022-01-28 from State Audit Working Group, 4 commenters, Branscomb, Verified Voting,

Earlier from 3 UCLA researchers, and Burden+Stein, Burden.